S&D40 members visit Israel.

The S&D40 members have been invited to Israel to meet with other young politicians and representatives of the Parliament between the 20-22nd of July.

They will visit the high-tech and innovation related companies, the PERES Center for Peace, Tel-Aviv cultural sites and meet Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials, members of the LABOR Party, LIKUD Party, KULANU Party and with the Knesset Delegation for Relations with the European Parliament.

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Debate “The New Generation of Socialists and Democrats: call for action”

The debate entitled “The New Generation of Socialists and Democrats: call for action” will take place on the 8th of July from 20:00 and will start from the proposals that MEP Victor Negrescu, MEP Istvan Ujshelyi and MEP Eva Kaili have sugested regarding the S&D actions and policies towards young people and in relations to the new trends in our societies. In the document attached you have more details.
The debate has been made possible with the support of S&D president Gianni Pitella and S&D vice-president Maria Joao Rodrigues.
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S&D40 preparatory meeting – 8th of July

In order to prepare the debate initiated by the S&D40 network that is going to take place latter that day in the S&D Group and to better organize the network, the S&D40 members will organize a preparatory meeting in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the 8th of July starting at 17:00.

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S&D Relaunching Europe.

The S&D40 Members at the invitation of leader of the Hungarian delegation, Istvan Ujhelyi will attend the first S&D Relaunching Europe event that the social democrats from Hungary are hosting one day before the PES Congress in Budapest.

Of course the invitation is extended to the PES Congress as well. The event should take place on the 11th of June 2015.

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S&D40 event in Greece.

At the initiative of our colleague and chief of the Greek delegation, Eva Kaili, the S&D40 members will join forces with the Greek social democrats on the 22/05/2015.

Eva Kaili proposes us to organize an event on Friday, 22nd of May, with SD President Gianni Pitella in Athens. The event will take place between 18h00-21h00 and followed by a dinner.

It will be an exchange of views on the future of Europe and the social issues related to youth between SD40 MEPs, the young and dynamic Greek MPs, Gianni Pitella, the leadership of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement – Olive Tree and representatives of the civil society.

This event will show that the SD40 members represent a new type of European politicians, more involved, more dynamic and with the urge to support our fellow MEPs.

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S&D40 Meeting with the US Ambassador to the EU

Resulting from an initiative of S&D40 and MEP Victor Negrescu, the USA Ambassador to the EU, Anthony L. Gardner, will have an exclusive meeting with the younger members of the European Parliament in order to speak about the future of US-EU relations. Our partner for this event is EU40 so we could also have with us the younger MEPs from other political groups.

The follow-up of this event is to organize a meeting in the United States next year in January to meet with younger US politicians and see the start of the campaign for the US presidential elections / local elections.

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S&D40 Lunch Debate at FEPS Office on European Asylum Policy

The S&D 40 Members will  have a debate on migration and European Asylum Policy with Sönke Schmidt, Advisor to FEPS and Former EU Minister Counsellor on Migration and Asylum Affairs to the UN.

In 2014, thousands of refugees died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The overall number of migrant arrivals last year via the Mediterranean was over 150,000.

Abandoning vessels packed with people is one of the most horrifying tactics employed by traffickers, who reap millions in profits from this illegal business. In his statement on January 2nd, 2015 Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU Commissioner for migration called for a “decisive and coordinated EU-wide action” against the traffickers.

The figures stated above could not be a clearer sign that the EU needs to react now to make the Common European Asylum Policy a reality, based on solidarity at three levels: within the Member States, on international and the local level.

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) has prepared twelve proposals to serve the purpose of advancing the European Asylum Policy. The proposals are based on the debates of  “Call to Europe IV: Building Solidarity in Asylum Policy”, organised by FEPS together with its partners in November 2014 in Brussels.

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S&D40 LAST 2014 MEETING with PES President, Sergei Stanishev

S&D40 members had a meeting on the 15th of December inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg to further discuss the Group`s activities.

The Groups topic of discussions where:

– the 2015 First Annual S&D Group event on Youth Issues,

– an event in colaboration with FEPS on Migration, Investments and TTIP,

– presentation of the first S&D40 policy paper,

– communication on the S&D40 website and social medias,

– future meetings.

Sergei Stanishev, PES President also joined the meeting.


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S&D40 meeting with Gianni Pitella

The S&D40 members had a meeting with the leader of the S&D Group and discussed about the role of young of MEPs in the European Parliament, the need to tackle the issues related to youth policies and how to better work together in rebuilding confidence of young people in politics and the European Union. More than half of the 36 youngest S&D MEPs participated at the meeting and expressed their point of view regarding they’re involvement in the European Parliament activities. On this occasion the S&D40 Network officially launched they’re new website and the presentation of the group. 78 6  4



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The Parliament Magazine

The Parliament Magazine: the under 40 years old MEPs struggling to be heard

An interview with MEP Victor Negrescu about the work being done by the younger MEPs in the European Parliament and the networks gathering these groups: EU40 and S&D40.

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