S&D40 event in Greece.

At the initiative of our colleague and chief of the Greek delegation, Eva Kaili, the S&D40 members will join forces with the Greek social democrats on the 22/05/2015.

Eva Kaili proposes us to organize an event on Friday, 22nd of May, with SD President Gianni Pitella in Athens. The event will take place between 18h00-21h00 and followed by a dinner.

It will be an exchange of views on the future of Europe and the social issues related to youth between SD40 MEPs, the young and dynamic Greek MPs, Gianni Pitella, the leadership of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement – Olive Tree and representatives of the civil society.

This event will show that the SD40 members represent a new type of European politicians, more involved, more dynamic and with the urge to support our fellow MEPs.

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